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Bottom End Noise?

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I think that I may have a bottom end noise... or a loud exhaust leak.

I was under the car yesterday, with it running @ idle, and using a mechanics stethescope (sp?) I probed around the pan (rail and body) but I couldn't hear anything. I also poked around the valvecovers and as close to the spark plugs as I could get. Nothing again. The 'scope is very sensitive, I can hear the injectors cycle and the clicking of the valvetrain... but, nothing underneath.

I can't put this to the header tubes as it has a plastic nub on the end that would melt.

Also, oil pressure is fine, and the car is as strong as ever.

Anythoughts? Lemme know quick 'cause I am going racing tonight to test out the extra 3-5psi I found. wink

I'll be crying to ya'll tomorrow if something broke. yup

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torque converter noise?

rod or main generally is a hard thumping sound...

My converter was loose and I thought it was a rod knock. check the torque converter bolts.

I have a problem every once and a while with my downpipe or cat banging against the frame or passenger side header, and once my bolts loosened up on the x-over pipe as well. It annoyed the hell out of me.
Maybe the thrust bearing...
I had this noise coming from near the torque converter and it wasnt no loose bolts. It was my transmission pump it was cracked. I just got it replaced. If u hear some rattling noise while holding the brake and shifting the car to each gear, then its your trans pump.
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