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boost solenoid

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when i looked at my neighbors 87 GN his boost solenoid, the one behind the turbo, is like mine but on mine the 2 nipples are facing the rear of the car and on his the 2 nipples are facing the front of the car. which way is the correct way to mount the solenoid and after getting it properly mounted, which nipple should have the hose on it and which nipple should be left open?
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They normally face the front. Facing the front of the car, the hose should be connected to the nipple closest to the passenger side fender. HTH
If the 2 nipples are facing you then she is still talking to you

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Normally, it is mounted missionary style and it does not matter which nipple the hose is attached to. Originally, one nipple had a foam filter stuck on the end but it fell off pretty soon.
I've tried both ways.
Why restrict yourself.
I think all would agree that it doesn't matter which way it's mounted, as long as there's access.
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