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blow off valve

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i've heard that our cars dont need these items.
i would like to know why that is?
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Well, mine makes mine drivable.

I think those, that say they don't, don't believe the kickback damages the turbo. Lot's of those that believe they are not necessary only drive their cars on the track so the turbo is subject to wot or idle...nothing in the cruise mode.

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so its prolly a good idea to get one on my gn then..
any type style or design i should look for?


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might be a good idea if the turbo shakes the car when letting off the gas. Probably not needed if it only makes noise.

Some recommend them as Steve said and they do save the Turbo thrust bearing especially with a large Turbo! What size turbo are you running? Check with Pat Rubio on this site as he runs one on his car RU. I'm using the ATR one but there are several available, your choice. Gene
With a MAF car it's best to run a closed loop "sneeze valve". Unlike ATRs, which is good, this style dicharges the metered air back into the turbo and engine which reduces surge on the turbo. It also, as mentioned by others, eliminates the off throttle bog and stall. Explaination available upon request. We offer an inexpensive kit for about $100 that works great.

Hope this helps,
John @ ESP Products
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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