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billet "Power 6" shifter knob -- pics

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Just a couple of pics of my latest try at being a hand model. :D

I am learning how to use a CNC lathe and needed a project last night..so what the heck, I machined a shifter knob. The Power 6 was done afterwards on the mill; I projected the logo onto a 3D spherical surface and machined the contour. I need to get a better digital camera that will take good closeups. crazy

Edit: Polished it and took a couple of better pics...

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Nice. I'll take it... how much? :)
hey man I gotta say thats pretty cool..... loser
Oops sorry hit the wrong instant gremlin....I'll be okay....oh by the way are you going to be selling any of those shifter knobs? cheers
No, it wouldn't work on a stock shifter; I made it with a T-400 in mind. I think if I started churning out parts for sale on the college's CNC machines, someone would take unfavorable notice. :)
would look nice on a column shift car, and it would get rid of that faded kinda clear grey thing on the end of the lever headbang
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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