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Big End Rod Measurement?

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I looked in the shop manual but could not find the min and max on the big end of the con rods for an '87. Any ideas? Thanks.
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According to my Chilton book, 2.2487 - 2.2495.
I cannot believe Zap did not respond to this one.....

Just what are the both of you guys doing with these rods? These would be engine connecting rods! Good thing I didn't ask a crank or a head question.
Zap is the crankhead around here...I don't do any funny stuff like that.

K-Bill thanks for the response. You would be correct if measured with the bearing. What I needed was the rod big end min and max without the bearing. The correct min and max would be 2.3733 to 2.3742. Maybe Zap is min and Steve is max?
Sorry about that Bill. Chilton just has it listed as journal diameter for connecting rod, nothing noted about it being with or without bearing installed.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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