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Best Run (for me)

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Went to the track yesterday(1/8 mile) and ran a 7.95 @ 85 MPH with a 1.77 60'
20lbs. Boost with the Scanmaster showing 788 02's
Have you guys got any suggestions on getting closer to a 7.5? Without breaking the bank?
I am on stock brakes,suspension,holding 4 lbs. boost at the line.My car seems to be leaving fairly straight and level. 148,XXX miles.Ta49,36lb inj.,stock intercooler with Big Mouth cold air kit.
This run was with 110 octane and a chip burnt for 36 lb injectors and 93 octane. (I've got another chip for 110 octane and 36 lb injectors that came in the mail after I got home from the track yesterday)Haven't installed it yet.
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Try the "race" chip and report back. A 110 chip along with 110 gas and the timing will possibly give you 1 to 2 tenths. Were you running race gas on this run? :confused:
Yes, 110 . Is that a bad thing?(I'm new to the "goin' to the track thing") so go easy on me.
Yeah 148,xxx miles and this is the 2nd time I've been to the track.
Using Denso 02 sensor
more than once and your hooked just wondering what took so long to get to the track I see you got the car new?nice run have fun&stay safe.
The 93 chip does not take full advantage of the 110 as it has less timing. Try the 110 chip with the 110, turn up the boost until you are close to the detonation point and try leaving harder if you have slicks.

disconnect the front sway bar for better weight transfer so you get a harder tire plant.

What Steve said exactly. yea, I apologize I'm not too friendly posting at almost 1am. wink They are some decent runs at the track, keep it up! headbang powersix
7.95 is around 12.40 in the 1/4mile. You need to get your launch down to the 1.6's since the 1/8 does not leave much time for anything else. If you are using 110 oct you need more boost then 20lbs more like 25lbs. If you feel this is risky then get a chip cut for 100oct and run 20-21lbs. Also forget about O2 readings with race gas. Your sensor is dead after a few minutes and the readings are useless. Rely on your knock gauge. But as I said in the beginning, Better 60ft times will show the most improvement.
Steady Slamming: we've raised -3- kids and starting on a Grandchild in this Buick (not much time to play in the beginning,but got the kids to school pretty quick :D )
Steve Wood: I've taken the front sway bar off and I am running new BFG Drag Radials 275-50-15.Should I back the boost off before hammering it with the new chip in?
NOSjohnWE4: apoligie accepted headbang Thanks for the Attaboy !!
ULYCYC: are the Scanmaster Knock readings OK to go by? I had no Knock on the 7.95 run. Should I watch it more carefully using the 110 Chip? What else can I do to possibly get that 1.6 60' time?

Thanks Guys I was so pumped after running the 7.95
You all are a big help
powersix Love This Board! usa
PS: My brother in law has a '95' Camaro 38,xxx original miles with a best of 8.36 (He's done alot of work to it compared to the 148,xxx Mile Buick) cheers Woo Hoo! ( He's Bummed)
You need real time knock readings. Get knock guage or a Casper knock alarm. Scanmaster will tell you how much knock you had after the run. That's a little late. The 50 series drag radials look great but the low profile hurts 60ft times. Get a set of real slicks. Use the 110 chip and start the boost around 22lbs and raise until you get a little knock then back off a lb. I assume you fuel pump is good and 110oct is in a fully drained tank..
At 127,xxx I changed the pump to a Walbro unit & did the valve springs and timing chain. Yes I'm sure I'm on straight 110 I've probably driven about 500 miles using 110 only. Is there a preference as to which knock guage to use? Is one easier to use or see than the other one? My car normally only sees about 50-75 miles a week now so I'm not trying to break any records just want everything to be on KILL(safely)at the stoplight.I'm really going to the track just to tune and I do intend to keep 110 in the tank at all times. uzi

I've got an "A" pillar guage pod that has spots for two guages one houses a Boost guage the other is an electric fuel gauge(Junk) will one of the knock guages you are recomending fit the "A" pillar pod? (Replacing the fuel guage) I have a liguid filled fuel guage under the hood and I can move it to see it under a full boost run.
I like Casper's knock gauges and alarm best. Also don't rely too much on the Denso O2. Yes, it holds up to race gas better then most but it will go dead after six tanks of race gas. Stock one is dead after one. If you plan one full time race gas you may be better to get an open loop chip to ignore the dead O2, For better street manors and less chance being over rich and fouling out the plugs.
Thanks ULYCYC,
I guess just specify "Open Loop" when ordering a new chip? Are the rest of the parameters the same?
I'll be at the track again "hopefully" this saturday. They are only open this coming weekend and the following saturday 11-1 then closed for the season. I know ordering a chip can take awhile but looking to next season for a good blast. powersix

Thanks again
Yes, Just tell the chipmaker you want an openloop chip. Everything else is the same. Also if you are planning on running only race gas you should look into a Max Effort chip. It will give you more control at the track. It's also an open loop chip.
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