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what would ber the best chip (where to buy also)
for a stock car with full 3"exhaust v4 intercooler and a te-44
thanks for the help

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Jay Carter, Joe Lubrant, Ramchargers, Thrasher, Jim Testa, all make great chips.

I would think about upgrading your injectors to blue tops with your combo. Or if you are planning bigger upgrades in the future go right to MSD 50's. All of the above chip guys burn good chips for both injectors.

If the rest of the car is stock you will need to get an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and gauge as well as some sort of scan tool and knock gauge (Scanmaster, Turbolink, DirectScan) to help you set the car up with the changes. Adding to this is a Walbro 340 fuel pump and a boost gauge.


1972 Toyota Celica with a 87 TR drive train.
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