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ball joints.

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my car needs ball joints my front end is clunking real bad.. i want to rebuild the whole front end but time and money is a issue (who didnt see that one coming). anyway what are the best ball joints to go with?
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Have you tried PST?They sell complete rebuild kits for front ends and suspensions.I have used them many times for various cars over the years. :)
how much are the front end kits?
According to my catalog,$219.00,comes with control arm bushings,stabilizer link kits,ball joints,outer tie rods,and upper control arm bushings.Their number is 1-800-247-2288.They are located in NJ usa
It sounds like upper control arm bushings are bad not ball joints. Check it out real good and replace whats needed. Save money this way wink
if thats for both sides i'll do it in a few weeks. get the polly graphite or whatever :) and this just set the turbo back a few weeks more :mad:

I like the comfortable ride the Regals offer - so I went with all new stock parts, mostly new TRW, some Moog parts.

No poly for me..
polly last longer...
...anyway what are the best ball joints to go with?
Hey man, it is pretty easy. It took me an entire afternoon. I bought all Moog parts from Napa near me. they gave me a discount for buying all of it. I didnt buy poly bushings becuase they will be noisey (car will sound like crap) and they bind. The moog bushings are great. You DEF should make an apointment with a shop to install the bushings in the control arms for you so there is no downtime. Dont forget the centerlink as well to replace. My car feels great now, tight as hell
good luck,
Poly lasts longer? My stock bushings are still going, with WELL over 100,000 miles. Do I need something to last longer than that? Especially since they would not be as smooth as the stock material....
Poly has been known to melt in the passenger rear upper arm ear.

Just installed poly on my entire front suspension. Does anyone sell some kind of shield to prevent the melting?? dunno

I used my air bag heat shields they work great up in that area. :)

Didn't use the poly. however. wink

Where did you pick those up??

Dan, Kirban sells one. Stock bushings don't go bad quickly and are less a pain in normal situations but the shield will help either.

Thanks Steve. and Salvage.

Mine came in the air bag kit from Ramchargers.

Just some flat metal that you can bend up and install with a clamp.

Any thin aluminum sheet can be made into a shield.

Just divide the space between the exhaust or downpipe or header and the bushing you want to protect in half with a sheet of aluminum. Air gap between the components will dissipate the heat and the bushing will live.

I like the Moog replacement bushings.

Had some live beyond 50K daily driven miles without a shield on them. :)
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i've done it before just very limited to time
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