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backfire solved, now boost problem?

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Thanks to the hints on the board, I solved the morning start backfire by tweaking the cam sensor CCW about 1/16" - no more backfire!

With that out of the way, I'm working on the drivability. The fuel system has been upgraded, but otherwise the car is stock (see sig).

If I take of from a light (no powerbrake), I get a nice healthy bark on the 1-2 shift and 16-17 PSI boost. Unfortunately, things go down hill from there. Once in second gear, the boost drops to 13-15 (hunting) and the same in third gear. I'm at a loss as to why?

If I can get 17psi in first, I don't think my cat is clogged, or it wouldn't be able to get up to boost, right?

T-link is showing no knock, no retard, and 820-830s mv. A bit rich, but safe - or too rich? EGTs never break 1400, though I don't push it through the top of 3rd.

Any ideas why the boost might be hunting?

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stock chip? what kinda wastegate control are you using?

1400*F sounds a bit too rich to me. yup
The chip is a Jay Carter 93, and I run Chevron 94 at sea level. Stock adjustable wastegate acutator.

It's been quite cool today (35-50f), which normally would be a good thing, but with the 13-15 psi in second things aren't as good as they could be.
EGT too low, O2 readings a little high. Lower the fuel pressure, see if it gets better. Go about one psi at a time, to be safe.
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