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Back Fire

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I'am having a ocasional back fire from hard acceleration. Maybe once every ten times I get on it pretty hard. It happens before I get out of first gear and the car will fall flat on it face, I can get out of it for just a second and back in it and its fine.

Here is what I have did with the engine: Just rebuilt w/.030 TRW pistons, speed pro 204/214 cam, stock heads re-worked, RJC plate, 009's, TA-49, Turbo Tweak 93 chip, impala SS MAF, big mouth w/K&N, Translator, TPS-TEC, VDO-(boost,water temp, oil pressure and knock gauge), new coil, new module, new Taylor wires, crank sensor is year old, cam sensor oem, OTC 4000.

It seems like a possible wire to something is loose causing the ignition to come and go and causing the back fire. I've check grounds and module connections and they appear tight. If it would do it all the time, I could record data on the scanner. I'am only running 16 pounds of boost, but when it back fires out the exhaust, it usually will happen before it reaches full boost.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know.
Thank you,

87 GN
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have you checked the crank sencer clearance and made sure your cam sencer interupter ring is not loose.you might also check your starter wires to see that they do not touch the exaust when the engine torques up.
Sounds to me like it could be the starter wire as well, just learned that lesson recently. My Direct scan picked it up. Showed most of my sensor readings and my injectore pulse width dropping to 0 under acceleration. However, I am still trying to fix some of the problem, I think it may be my fuel pressure regulator.
Thank you for your help, I'll take the car to work today and put it up on the rack and check those areas.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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