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AVC Dash, Are they worth the money?

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I have a chance to buy a used AVC dask kit with 160 MPH, 7000RPM Tach, Boost, water temp, oil, and fuel gauges. All are VDO. What is the history of this unit and who made it? I was considering buying a CAS dash by Tony DeQuick, but this is half the price. Is it a decent dash kit or should I go with the CAS unit. The seller is asking $400 for the AVC dash. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I've never heard of it but I don't know everything. Reckon why he's selling it? Not much on someone elses old stuff myself.
Hey Spoolin,

The AVC dash was made by Advanced Vehicle Concepts out of Michigan (?) I think in about 1988. I can look through some of my old articles to find out for sure, but they were the first dashes to replicate a GNX dash. As far as I know they were fine, a guy here in Toronto had one in his 87 T and he liked it.


Paul Beal
[email protected]
Thanks Paul, good to here from you again. Any help would be great. What would you boys pay fro a used unit like this? Take care. Brad
Hey Brad,

I will look through my old mags this weekend and I will send you some info on it.

Talk to you later,

Paul Beal
[email protected]
I wish I could get my hands on a DIY version of this thing.

I like the GNX-6 that Precision Instruments? sells which deletes the left air vent in favor of 2 more gauges
I am currently working on a DYI GNX dash set up that will be either the 6 gauge set up as the real GNX's had OR an 8 gauge set up. The 8 gauge deletes the factory idiot lights. The vents stay untouched. I will post as soon as it is completed.
Actually Precision Instruments bought the tooling from AVC to build their dash. I have a PI dash and it looks trick and uses most of the factory wiring and comes with an adjustable speed sensor to match any size rear tires. Gene

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Hey Brad,

I finally found some time to go through my old magazines and I found the article I was talking about it was in the "Spring 1988 Cars Illustrated" magazine. I looked through the article and back then the company was called Quality Engineering and then I believe they went on to change their name to Advanced Vehicle Concepts.

The article states the price of the dash as $589 and it included "wiring harness, senders, a 160 mph speedo with trip o.d., 7000 rpm tach with adjustable redline, 0-30 lb. boost gauge, oil pressure, water temp and fuel gauges with a new bank of warning lights. All the dials are VDO."

The add also states that they were located in Fenton, Michigan.

I hope some of this info is helpfull.

Paul Beal
[email protected]
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Thanks very much for everyones help. I have decided to go with a custom Autometer sport -Comp set-up. Happy Holidays!

so, have you gone ahead with your custom set-up yet? I just noticed this, and thought I'd throw in my 1 cent (discounted for lack of timeliness). Rather than buy a nice dash, I thought I would save a few bucks, buy gages over time, and put them in on the a pillar and over the glove box. It's nice, but ended up being a pita, and I have to look all over the car to see what's going on. And I didn't save much. If I was starting over again, I would absolutely buy a replacement dash.
I have to agree about the scattered gauges thing. I had that in my last car. With the BUICK I put in a CAS dash and I love it. No extra stuff around the car, all the gauges are in the dash where they should be.

87 Turbo T, CAS V4 and Cold Air
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