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Attn: Colorado and high altitude people

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When I look at the spring cleaning guide and recipes on gnttype.org, it says "For cars running 12's and down run AC R42 plugs..."
Since we are over a mile above sea level and thus the typical 12 sec run is a high 12 to low 13 up here, would I still use the R42 or the R43? I don't know if the plug recomendation is based on ET or boost that you are running. Any help? Know what I mean? Thanks,


87 GN, hotwired Walbro 340, RA volt booster, blue IC hoses, home made CAI, RA 93 chip/ KB Hotflash, AFPR, gutted cat, pinon snubber, engine tie down and free mods.
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Try the 42's and you will switch back to the 43's..

Don't know who came up with that hard fast rule, but it doesn't apply to any of my cars.


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