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ATR-RP360A front mount intercooler
400 + shipping
was 1195.00 new without the custom chromed 1pc pipes
listed at 80.5% efficient vs stock IC of 58% (see original catalog page at last pic)
lost count but its about 50 rows of bar and plate
no damage
comes w/ chromed steel pipes (2.5") ,
pipes have light handling scratches but look great
up pipe was drilled for alky nozzle but has a bolt there now
2.5" gates hd couplers at cooler inlet, outlet and at TB , and 2.5"x 2" silicone adapter for stock 2"outlet turbos

if you want to figure your shipping
will ship USPS (go to www.usps.com and calculate shipping)
, boxed its is 38 lbs... dimensions 38" x 21" x 7" and shipping from 08831 NJ



1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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