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are these correct heads???

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head casting #pt#b25505900 k-22
Is this a 3.8 turbo head? It does not match the casting numbers that I got off www.gnttype.org, but from the picture comparison, they are a match. I need a set of heads to port and then switch and then swap with my stockers on my 87 Turbo T. Someone on another Buick board said that these are the head castings that came on an early 80's Monte Carlo 4.1 turbo and that they would work fine, is that correct??
Please help, don't want to buy a doorstop.
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Late model turbo heads (25508445) are cheap and easy to find at most junk yards or on the boards. I'm not sure how the one you want to buy will work. They are from early 80-81. They will bolt up but the bolt holes for the accessory brackets may not.
I scored a set of 8445 haeds at the boneyard for $70. The Monte Carlo heads will bolt up, but who knows how big the combustion chamber is? Hell, I don't even know how big the 8445 chamber is, I do know they work.

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