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Anyone use Hard Blok in a GN block?

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Hey, this just came to me. I was told that 4.1 N/A blocks were too weak to support the GN induction package (is there any truth to this?). If so, wouldn't all of us benefit from the use of Hard Blok in the water jackets (up to the freeze plugs only) to strengthen the block? I figure it should hold up well, considering that our blocks, just like the Hemi, have deep skirts that go below the crank, unlike the small or even big block Chevy. Has anyone tried this?
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There are guys out there with 4.1 blocks with MORE than the stock turbo package. Don't know if they use hard blok, but it seems like a good idea to me, both because it would strengthen the block, and because it will push the coolant up where it's really needed. But when blocks fail, it's in the area of the main bearing webs and caps, and most of the "fast" cars use either steel caps or a girdle. Probably a good idea with a 4.1 block, too.

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You can put a 4.1 motor together reasonably inexpensive if you don't over do it in areas like girdle, cam, heads, machine work ect. ect...

This will allow you to put one together cheap and see how it holds up. This is one of those topics that you will never get a straight answer on. 90% of the answers you get will be from people whom have never even seen a 4.1, let alone actually own one.

My advise is to try it yourself. 10% more cubes comes in handy for more power and allows you to use a larger than normal turbo without inducing turbo lag! powersix
Don't recall if it was Lonny Diers, or someone else, but there was a discussion on using hard blok on the street a few years ago. Apparently some have done it with good results..

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