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First of all thanks to everyone who stayed after and helped w/ my car.We thought we had it fixed w/ a new MAF from Turch.Took it down the road and ran great.
We all chatted for a while and then went to leave and on the way out it started again!!!!!!
Turch and I Then went to my house to look around and take off his MAF and he noticed my wastegate arm was gone.That would explain why no boost but we both figured that wouldn't make the car hesitate.Plus I know it was on the other day.
I'm going today and buy a new MAF and see if that fixes the Hesitation.I know I wont have boost but that's another fix.
I'll keep everyone informed and if anyone has a Wastegate arm for sale or rent let me know.
As Larry suggested I'm going to put a post on the big board.
Thanks again guys

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i dont get what happend.. when my maf went the car stumbled and died. did you go witha stock replacemtn?
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