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anyone actually use the kenne bell ram air?

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anyone actually using one? i met a guy at a car cruise and he had it on his t-type and he said he noticed a differce with it. i have alway been told that its restrictive, and all kenne bell product are junk but looking at it, it looks like it would work, i mean its a pretty simple design. i would like to hear from others who use it or at least used it at one time to see what they think.
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It's been on my car since 1990 and still in one piece so the quality is good. The original design was restrictive and didn't work too good. I cut the filter housing and removed the bottom section so the top of the filter is covered but the ramair effect does bring in cool air but not choke the filter. Would I buy one today.. No

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thanks for responcing ed, is the one you have the new or old design? how about anyone else?
I had one on my Limited, which is primarily stock.

It was replaced with an open filter system and the air flow increased so much I heard detonation.

I'd say the KB was most certainly restrictive.
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I had one for 5-7 years or so on my WE4. It's history now the kit not the car.

Hard to tell when to clean the filter with that setup. I did like the poly filter though it held up well to cleaning and daily use.

Kept the ram air to bring in some cool air to the open K+N.

The GN will be getting the Cold Air Kit from Mark H that's sitting in storage.
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I have one on my car minus the platic elbow(seemed very restrictive)---i still have the air-dam and the hose running to it.It was very good quality--i must say.

Geoff Hall

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Geoff H
I ran one on my T-Type for years. Cut out the round end of the canister and slipped some 6" reinforced hose over the end and up to behind the grille. Still fully isolated from underhood heat, but a lot more air to it! Seemed to work great!

Jay Jackson
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i think im gonna try the big mouth that mark sells. i hear a lot of good things about it. the kenne bell one looks really neat and looks like it would work, but it seems that most people think its junk, so im gonna have to go with what the majority of what most people think of it. thanks for all the responces.
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