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Anybody ever try to fit 295/60/15s?

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Hoosier QT. It is 29 tall & 12.5 section with. This is for a different g-body car. I am hoping with the right spacing and maybe a rolled lip it will fit.
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I think Red Regal T has claimed to do it...I would not bet my own money on it tho...

give him a shout [email protected]

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I have never tried 295 60 15 tires, but I do have 305 50 15 at the moment-soon to be replaced by 295 50 15. The 305 are just a tad too large, they have a 12.4 sect. width and are 27.1 dia. plenty of room upstairs, but just too close on the in and out sides. I do have the lips rolled for side clearance.
Good luck.
ps. Tires are on an 87 gn.
Thanks for your reply guys.
Steve I emailed Red Regal.
Black Heat, Hoosier specs the 295/60 at 12.5 section width on an unlisted rim width. BFG's site specs the 295/65 at 12.4 on an 8.5 rim same as you listed the 305/50 at. At what rim width was the 12.4 calculated on do you know? I would guess you are running these tires on an 8" rim same as me. I have seen BFG regular radial 295/50 listed at 12.2 on for some reason on a 9.5 rim. Firestone also lists a 295/50 with a section width of 12.2 on an unlisted rim width. I assume a given tire would have a slightly narrower section width on say an 8" rim as compared to an 8.5 or 10" rim. Anybody know?

So I am guessing that with rolled lips a centered rear & air bags on 8" rims that I am looking for something with a maximum section width of about 12.2 12.3 12.4? Anybody?

PS this is on an 88 Cutlass.
The tire data (305 50 15) was taken from a BFG brochure. I did leave out that part about what size rim the tire data came from.
Its from the specs on the Euro T/A tire. Also, the section width of 12.4 is based on a tire mounted on a 9.5 rim width. And yes, I do have 8 inch wide rims which certainly helped on the clearance problem.

ps I picked up this handy brochure that lists almost all BFG tire specs at a costco store (used to be price club out here).
Black Heat did you have to roll the fenders or did you for added clearance? Did you use any spacers? I was also thinking of going with the Euro T/A 305 but thought it would rub. I never have anyone in the back seat and it is strictly a Sunday car.
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