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another converter ??

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got a pt-54. i talked to nick at az gn and told him what he would recommend as far as stall goes. he told be that the 9/11's are really nice but he told me before i do anything, to try out my 2700 stall that i have right now. what do you guys think? should i just get a different stall and not even mess with the one i have?
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I have a PT54 and went from a 3200 to a 3400 stall due to lag. Now it spools like a T49 :cool: Not sure on the rest of your combo but it also likes alot of head work or champions
What have you got to lose?
Try it out and maybe you'll be able to tune it to work respectably.
I did it with a 2,800 stall and 63e w/.85 A/R exhaust housing. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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