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Hey gang. Just another Buick guy here. I have had many Buicks including:
87 GN
87 T-Type
71 Skylark
64 Buick Special
63 Buick Invicta Wagon (The Battleship Invicta)
80 El Camino (Turbo Buick Powered)
and my current car:

65 Buick Skylark

This car is not turbo powered, it is a V8 car, but it does have a 200-4R transmission from Extreme Automatics. I get flack from people about choosing that transmission, but I just tell them I am an old Turbo Buick guy and it is just what I am comfortable with. It can't be too bad of a transmission. My car runs low 10s on spray and the transmission just hangs in there. :D

So, that is my deal. I am a fan of the turbo Buick, I just don't currently own one.
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