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More interesting updates -- Buick is sending not only a lot of their showcars, they are also sending their new product line.
Cars slated to appear are GNX #1, the Blackhawk, a 65 Riv Gran Sport, a 65 Skylark Gran Sport, and a REALLY cool Wildcat concept car! Payouts keep building too! And, the car show on Saturday will feature not only Buicks but all brands from the local cruisers too. May as well get THEM there on Saturday and make sure they stay the whole day to witness some incredible Buick Horsepower! Can you say new Buick enthusiasts?

And, if you are coming to Indy and looking for a room, lots of hotels are full already but I have the scoop on some that still have rooms. I'll post them here very soon. See y'all at Indy! :cheers:
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