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AFPR with stock pump

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A friend has an '87 GN and has ordered a Thrasher 92 chip. Will an adjustable FP regulator (set at 45#) and stock fuel pump without a hot wire kit provide enough fuel? This car is all stock except for AFPR.


Jim: 87 GN with: TA-49/PTE .63 housing; stock motor, transmission and converter; MSD 50#; CAS V-4; 3" DP; ATR 2.5" SS exhaust; 62 mm Hemco; Translator w/3" MAF; Bigmouth air system; SMC alcohol; Walbro 340; BFG DRs; and Extender 100 chip with 21* timing. Best ET/mph with w/93 octane + alcohol were 11.961/117.05.
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Not recommended. I think most will agree...Easier putting a fuel pump in than head gaskets.

87 GN-K&N Filter,Dynomax Exhaust, Art Carr shift kit, adj. wastegate, 237 reg., Lucas 30# green band injectors, CR43TS Plugs, hotwired Walbro 340 fp, Thrasher 92 ,160 Therm, VDO gauges, Breathers/ machined AL~turbo inlet bell/ frt and rear braces/ KYB shocks, springs and all bushings
I can speak from experience on this one as I tried the exact same thing - AFPR, Thrasher 92, Stock Pump. NOT the way to go. I agree with 87gnjoe it is not worth taking a chance. Racetronix usually has a special for about $160 on a Walbro 340 with hot wire kit. I installed it on mine and would recommend it.
Thanks guys. Will advise to get a new pump.
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