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Adjustable Wastegate ?

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What is the length of the added piece of threaded tube that you use when making an adjustable wastegate?

You normally hack out 3/8" of bar right?

I would think 7/8" of threaded material would allow you to have 1/4" threads on both pieces of the arm.

Gotta make one for the GN.
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Sell some of your record albums and buy a new one!

They state a 1/4"-1/2"... I think.

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Vinyl is King.

I don't sell anything. I could easily fit in with that West Vermont mentality.

I have that image it doesn't tell me squat, that's why I asked.

I am going with 1" easy to remember.

Free mods. rule.
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Oh, you want to know how long of a piece to add! Why didn't you say so! I don't know, why don't you ask in the tech section?

I'll give you 5k for the 67 Riv.

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Sure ya will.

Got offered $150 last month. Another deomoition derby guy. Tossed him off the property too.

Nice 3/8" tube with 1/4-20 threads in it at work, my toolmaker sawed me off 2, 1" pieces and now I can make two of them. Got the nuts there too.
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