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adjust tps = knock?

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i adjusted my tps from .42 to .44 and i'm starting to get crazy amounts of knock in the begining of second (not transitional) and alot in 3rd. can the tps be a result of that or did i get bad gas lastnight?

also, while idling in my driveway the temp went up to 200 yesterday i went to nj with it and the temp stayed at about 180 on the highway.. sugestions?
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Make sure you are going into power enrichment with the TPS WOT number and make sure that the fan turns on low speed at 160 degrees.
the fan was on at low speed. the tps is goin to 4.76 at wot
.42-.44 will have no difference. Set it at .42 ignition on engine off. It will go to .44 when it starts and idles. this is normal. It have been real humid here with dew point of 78% and 99% humidity. This will greatly effect all of your problems except spelling wink
ed so ignore all the problems but the spelling? lol
Just drop a little boost until the knock goes away. Pick on the ricers until the weather gets better :cool:
they get scared when they hear the turbo same with mustangs its no fun! i want another vette kill soon i havent had one in a few months! rant :mad:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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