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posting on behalf of Loyd Bonecutter and Beth Andrews. As some of you may know Shari and Loyd were the organizers of the Mid West Buick Challenge for many years and were a fixture at Buick Events...She will be truly missed.

Allot of you may have know Shari Bonecutter had taken ill the week before Christmas and that she had some ups and downs during that period. She had been making really good progress over the last few days, I was so proud of her, but the Big Man upstairs had different plans for her.

Around 1:00am this morning (2/13/13) Shari went into cardiac arrest and never recovered. Shari left us at 1:20 AM. She was fully awake, alert and in good spirits the past few days. She had her fight back and was being a good girl because she really wanted to go home. We all wanted her to come home too.

Buick events will not be the same for me, she was my partner in crime at them & at home, she was a major part of the Buick community.
Shari is a fun loving, caring, thoughtful, honest, stubborn, beautiful, all around wonderful person and my heart hurts so much that I can no longer tell her these things.

Loyd and Eric (Shari's brother) wanted to call family and close friends before posting it, then they spent the day making arrangements.

Arrangements are as follows:

Hallowell & James Funeral Home
1025 W. 55th St.
Countryside, IL 60525
(708) 352-6500

Wake Friday 3:00-9:00pm
Service Saturday 11:00am

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sad day...

My condolence to Shari's family, RIP
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