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I recently started working on my 84 T-Type (87 GN drive train).
I was pretty sure the fuel tank was low when I had parked it years ago.
I put 2-3 gallons of premium in it. Hooked a battery up to it and cycled the fuel pumps (it's a old school setup). Anyway. No fuel came out the fuel rail. I was able get it to fire for a few seconds on a starting fluid. Oil light stayed on.

Ok. So. now I know....
#1. Fuel pump inline works. But I hear nothing from the 1 in the tank. Even with a direct hookup to a battery. So. I'll change that 1 out as I had planned on getting rid of both of them and going with a walbro 340.
But before I drop the new pump into the tank I will drain the tank and clean it as well.
Questions... As I siphoned the gas out. I noticed a white residue on the siphon hose when retracted from the tank.
What could the white residue be?
What is the best way to clean the tank?
What chemicals or special stuff would I need?
Any special tricks to installing the walbro pump?
Any special stuff needed to clean the fuel lines to and from the tanks?
Should I clean the vent line as well?
What about the fuel rail?

I was going to reverse flush the fuel lines from the point of the line going into the fuel rail to where the inline pump is. Then from that point to the hoses on top of the tank.
This sound ok?
What kind of cleaner should I use?

I should point out.... I don't know who put the inline fuel pump on there. But... From what I can see. It was put inline where the fuel filter should be.
About 1-2 foot in front of the driver side rear wheel.
That about right?
If so. I will have to find a way to repair the line so I can put a filter back on it.
Exactly what connectors are used to active the "fuel pump prime"?
I found a green connector behind the alternator. I also found another connector that has 2 wires going to it behind the alt. They do fit together.
Are these the 2 connectors that are used to cycle the in tank pump?
Where do they lead to?

The thing is that connector with the 2 wires currently has a wire hooked to it that runs the inline pump.

Ok. Onto the next issue.

#2. I pulled the ecm wire. Removed the oil filter and cranked it over. Just a couple drops visible when it has been cranked for a few seconds.
So. I have to re-prime the oil pump to get pressure back.
From what I have heard. I can remove a oil cooler hose, and dump oil into the hose to help prime it. Then I am suppose to remove the cam sensor. Insert a oil pump primer tool. turn it counterclockwise to pull the oil from the hose into the pump. Then turn it clockwise to make the pump spin the right direction and go until the drill bogs down from when the oil pump starts pumping. I then run it for a few seconds. Stop. Then rotate the crank 90* and run it some more. I am suppose to do this till I get back to where I started.

Is the above steps correct?
Am I missing anything?
Should I change the oil and filter to start with fresh or would it be ok to get it started on the oil that's in there and change it after she fires and runs?

I know in my heart it should be changed. But. I'd like opinions on it.

I am sure I will have many other questions on trying to get it going.
If any of you have something to add, or other tips on these issues. I would gladly appreciate them. Thank you all in advance and have a nice weekend.


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87 looks at my thread and not a single reply....
It's ok. I guess the people I figured would respond no longer frequent this board.
So. I guess I'll have to seek answers elsewhere.
Thanks anyway.
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