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Helping a friend selling a 87 WE-4 hardtop,$14,900 previously bought from Kirbans,
26204 miles, original paint,stock turbo, injectors, transmission, wheels and the Terry Houston 3” down pipe w/dump tube, Hooker 2 ½ cat back exhaust, new rear main seal, never been on racetrack.

Options:analog dash, power antenna,tilt,cruuse,delaywipers,limited slip rear end,rear defogger, am\fm cass., body side molding, and aluminum braces front and rear.

Also lots of extra parts that were collected thru the years from owning 3 turbobuicks at one time.
Direct Scan
ScanMaster 2.1
Car Guard
Transmission oil cooler
Fuel filter
2--“T” plates
2—“Regal” plates
7—“3.8 SFI Turbo” plates
Engine Coolant cap
2—Wheel Caps Tri-shield
6 spark plugs
Brake Best Brake Shoes
Transmission filter
Test pipe for hooker
Catalytic converter
Stock exhaust pipe
Front Grill
2-Seat recliner lever
Headlight Switch
Accumulator Asy Kit
Radiator Cap
Buick 1986 Chassis Service Manual Volume I, II and Supplement
Powermaster Brake System Trouble Shooter Booklet
Where the Power Meets the Pavement T-R Volume I—The Best of the GSX-TRA
Buick Parts and Chassis Illustration Manual 1982-1990 (3 book set)
Haynes Automotive Repair Manual
GM Body Service Manual
Chilton’s Repair Manual
Kirban’s Side of the Road Publications (2)
Kirban’s Guide to 1986 and 1987 Buick Turbo Regals
Kirban Performance Products 1984-1987 Parts & Accessories
American Musclecar Publications: The GN Facts and Figures Book I & II 1978-1987
Standard Catalog of BUICK—Krause Publications 1st Edition
Illustrated Buick Buyer’s Guide Cars from 1946—Langworth
2002-2003 Au-ve-co Products Catalog
How to Eliminate Window Rattles & Wind Noise by Peter Serio

Power antenna motor stays running , they just disconnected it
also the front and rear bumper filler panels need painting the car has been garage it's whole life and they still fade.

Owner wants to sell everything in package deal NO PARTING OUT !
If interested or have questions send e-mail to [email protected]
Will try to post pic next

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Hope this works


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