Posting for a local TR guy.
He has his mom's 87T for sale
Here are some pics and contact info.
Erin Durham
Some details:
1987 Buick Regal T Type

· Rare White Sport Package with Blackout Trim

· Astroroof

· 104K miles

· 2 owners, current owner since 1991

· All maintenance records since 1991

· Very limited driving last 20 years

· Paint in excellent shape

· Tires are good

Work done.
· $8500 of work done over the last few years
· Upholstery -Interior seats, trunk liner

· New fuel pump

· New brake master cylinder

· New Battery

· At 102K miles

o All window gaskets replaced

o Chassis lube, trans fluids, coolant flush, spark plugs, oil

Full disclosure

· Astroroof doesn’t work and has leak

Some pics:
B2.jpeg B3.jpeg B4.jpeg B5.jpeg b10.jpg b11.jpg b12.jpg b13.jpg b14.jpg b17.jpg
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He has more pics and can send any/all you may want along with answering your questions.
I have not seen the car.
Call the owner if interested.