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nice monte is that an SS
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87 GN hardtop 130 k
power locks
manual windows
concert sound
stock motor/heads
New lt1 valve springs
stock rebuilt trans 10 vane pump 3200 stall
Walbro 340 w/hotwire kit
PT 61 turbo
65# injectors
Cotton Front Mount
Maf Translator 3"
Ramchargers dual fans
RJC Plate
Houston Down Pipe w/dump
Hooker cat back exhaust 2 1/2
New Weatherstripping everywhere
Poly body mounts
Poly bushings front suspension
Centerline Telstars 15x4 front 15x8 rear need new centercaps
Lowered 2" inches in the front (spindles)
Lowered 1 1/2 in the rear (springs)
Car has rust in both doors (as most gbodies do) passenger door worse
Also has small rust spot on drivers side floor
Car has a recent paint job (before I bought)

Car comes with:
stock rims
stock turbo
stock intercooler
stock spindles
stock rear springs
42.5 injectors w/casper thumbdial chip
extra powermaster
misc. parts/manuals

Also have a set of Weld Draglites 15x3&1/2's and 15x8's if you don't like the Centerlines

Can Get Pics if Intrested
Email any questions
9,000 OBO

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It would help to know where your located.

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I have a sale pending on my bike, would you take $7000 and you keep all of the extra stuff to sell separately? I hate to throw a lowball figure at you, but that's all thats in the budget right now and you could probably sell the extra stuff to Brian at Gbody parts for about a grand or so.
shoot me an email and let me know what your bottom line is on just the car, no extra stuff. I'm looking at a few other TR's, but you're local to me so the sale would be a snap to complete! Please email me or call 240-603-9296 (c)
or at work 301-934-9599. I'm in Pittsburgh for meetings tue,wed,and thur, and will be back in town friday morning. My bike should be sold either tonight or Friday, depending on who shows up with cash first. Lemme know what you're thinkin and let's deal!
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