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87 gn alternator

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unfortunately,right after i got a mat situation
rectified on my 87, lo & behold, my alternator is off to see fritz. just was wondering about possible intrchangability with 84-85-86. i'm aware of the pulley situation. basicly, i have
84&85 alternators. trying to save 100 bucks.
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'86 is the same...don't have anything that tells me what the hot air cars used.

Generally, you can rebuild the alternator pretty cheaply....all you probably need is the regulator pack-seems like I paid about $20 for one earlier this year.

Seems like this link came from Zap...only useful thing I ever got from him :D http://www.alternatorparts.com/

much obliged, steve,i like the word rebuild much
better than the word dealership.thanks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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