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sorry about reposting this,but i can't edit my post,??tried everything!
new price for the white 86 T type below is $12,500-firm.

new parts within the last 1000 miles:
t.h downpipe/w 3"single (cottons)dynomax muff
2.5 crossover pipe,high flow cat and test pipe
pte 51 turbo/w turbo saver oil sys
009 Inj/turbo tweek chip
coilpack/magna core wires
walbro pump/billet reg,gauge,caspers hotwire kit
heated O2,tps,Iac,angleboss,pcv,check valve
rear main seal,beat,all hose's
Rjc powerplate
Impalla mass air 3",Translator plus
boost solinoid
All hose's,heater controll valve,heater core(delco)
belt tensioner
water pump(delco)
radiator w H.E. core
hood shock,seal
lower ball joints/polly lower bushings
rear BMR controll arms,tube uppers/rectangular lowers/polly bushings
Auburn posi/stock gears
Atr loop/vac brakes
All braces,seat,both frt's
some body bushings, moog springs,wheel bearings
Trans(eric shertz) street version,Art carr kit,Pats 3000 convertor,lock up
B&M trans cooler/#6 an lines..U joints
Dutt neck,hot air blockoff,Intercooler scoop
engine hold down rod.
scanmaster,gauges,shift handle
All emblems
overflow tank
and more I'm forgeting
new PA inspec.

thanks,and sorry for repost
[email protected]
610 539 3831
near eagleville,pa


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