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86 gn....nicest gn on the east coast!!!!

Here goes, this is my baby ..she is in next to near mint condition, no rust..whatsoever...super clean with 2yr old paint, not perfect but very good...i have owned the car for about a year & it's most enjoyable but it's time to move on...
The car is basically stock with a fresh re-build 3k miles stock heads & cam...
it has a turbonetics p70 turbo,with blow off valve,esp front mount intercooler,m.b.c in car ,72lb inj. th3"dp, atr dual 3" exhaust with cut-out.freddy brown worked turbo 400 trans, aeromotive fuel system, new front & rear hotchkis sway bars, new hotchkis springs, & kyb hd shocks, umi upper & lower control arms,new mickey thompson drag radials,accel dfi gen 6 electronics tuned by job spetter of turbo people..full gauges,i prolly forgot some things..
I've maintained the car sinced i've owned it, changed all the fluids ..oil, trans. & rear are all serviced...the car doesnt need much at all just the a/c needs freon & the windows go up slow & need tobe re-aligned..
basically that's the deal..i've been to the track once with her & at 25 psi c16 fuel & blowing the back tires off till 1/8 of the track i netted a 12.9 @ 116 mph...with slicks & a race suspension i think the car will car 11.6-11.7..maybe faster but that's fast enuff 4 me..Remember she still has stock heads & cam, imagine what she would run if u had champions & a solid roller in her....whooaaa..
She hasn't given me any problems whatsoever i just get in & go...my loss your gain, i'd really like to sell the car who will appreciate her since she is a collector i'm not willing to sell to just anyone...
I'm located in brooklyn ny , my name is mike & i'm asking 17k..pics are upon request..at [email protected]
She is available for viewing as we speak...to all be well & god bless.


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