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83# chip ?

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i have a GN that i am running on a thumb wheel with mixed results . i am going to convert back to a more stock set up and progress from there. i ordered a 17# pump gas chip from quadair .has anyone ran a setup like this and how did it run.mi car is a stock block with a girdle iron heads fully ported, unported M&A intake ,MM 224 cam ,eastern FM ,pt - 72 turbo , 400 th with brake and 3300 converter zero boost,and a double pumper fuel system . this is the first time i have run this car with a stock type ecm and i dont want to distroy anything. thanks.
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If that TW is a late model 16 pos MaxE, and you didn't buy it used, the adjustability of it should make for excellant results driveability and performance wise.
I am curios as to what it is and where you got it?

What happened here? I did not think it was a ME as it works like a charm with 83s assuming it matches the maf, etc. :)

Happy ME-16 customer here with 83's headbang I had installed a set of 30's and a closed loop chip to do some testing and my idle was crap. Purrs like a kitten with the 83's. Best idle ever!
Steve what do you have 83s in? These are what I choose for my new motor as well. They are supposed to work really well on the street. yup yup
Mike I think that last question was directed at Steve Wood but I thought I would add that as long as you have some adjustability you won't know the differance in driveability between 83's and stock injectors aside from gas milage....which ain't the best.

steve y i did get this used and i have ben talking to to you about going mafless. the reason i am trying somthing else is that this car is very inconsistant. i have checked everything. coils,plugs&wires,grounds,cam sencer,maf,and all wire conections and it still acts the same. one trip it runs perfectly. the next trip it falls on its face rich. the next trip it pops back when i try to boost it. i am trying a chip to see if there is a change. before i go to a ME mafless system i whould like to work yhe bugs out. thanks. i appreciate any feedback.
Sounds like you have a problem beyond the chip. :) There are certain criteria which must be honored with the ME such as the rpm of shift points, maf readings, programmed for the particular maf being used, etc. But, if it runs right one time and then not the next...sounds like something else going gone. :)

Mike, I am running 75s at the moment. 23 mpg on the road. That is as good as I ever got with any other injectors including stock, 36s, 40s, 42.5s, and 50s.

I have not run the 83s myself but know several that do. It has been the king of the 83s for a long time. I think Jeff H gets over 20 mpg driving to the track and then runs 9's. I recently switched to the mafless version on my 75s. :)

Steve Wood:

Mike, I am running 75s at the moment. 23 mpg on the road. That is as good as I ever got with any other injectors including stock, 36s, 40s, 42.5s, and 50s.
Gee some vendor loves you Steve wink

Steve Y, I have a FAST system sitting in my living room so tuning shouldnt be an issue. I don't need 83s and was going to go with 72s but have heard lots of bad things about them from more than a couple people as far as drivability and idle, WOT works ok but thats about it. The 83s everyone says they love on the street. Kinda like the 009/50 Arguments.

I hear Dale Cherry's son has a FAST/83 TR that passes Pennsylvania Emmisions. yup yup

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Steve Wood:
Gee some vendor loves you Steve wink
I have owned as many as four of these things at one time.... :) Not too mention I had not figured out to buy big once. :D

well i still have a problem. got my chip changed the maf. got the idle and fuel presure set and running fairly well took it out for a drive and it drove good . but when i started to build boost in 2nd gear it got to about 10lbs and poped back. i tried it in 3rd and it felt fine at 15lbs. i cant find what is dooing this. i checked the coils with a ohm meter.its got me stumped. any ideas?
Swap coil and module with someone else rather than relying on ohms...may break down under heat and load.

Unplug the cam sensor after you start it and see if runs better that way.

well i had some time so i pulled my coil pack. took the coil off the module and noticed a big crack accros the rubber on the module i all so have a terminal on the coil pack that is about to break off. i think i remember somone talking about a adapter to mount a FWD 3800 coilpack to these turbo cars? thanks
thanks i will let you know how it works out
well i installed a known good coilpack on the car. double checked all sencers with my scanmaster took the car out drove OK started on a rool in 3rd car felt decent. drove down the road 3 or 4 miles and tryed it in second started to build boost maybe 8 lbs and it poped i kept in it and every time it started to build boost it coughs. i didnt like the drivability of the chip so i put the thumbwheel back in and my idle and cruising came back. do you think my 2nd fuel pump is doing this i have tryed it from 10 to 17 lbs with no change. the only time this car runs with boost reliably is at 8 lbs . and my timing is at 18. any ideas. thanks
check the plug wires for continuity when wiggling each one?

Plug gap 032-035"

cam sensor adjusted properly to 1/8" more ccw?

Try it with the cam sensor disconnected after starting?

Check the balancer to insure it is not wobbling from a loose bolt?

Check the blades on the balancer to make sure that all are moving thru the crank sensor without touching the sensor.

What's the fuel pressure doing when you step on it?

All injectors working properly? None sticking or dribbling at larger pulse widths?

Maf numbers look right?

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well i checked balencer bolt , and adjusted crank sencer, maf numbers seem good , i havent tryed running it with the cam sencer unpluged it runs much worse and stalls out before i can get in.checked my 10 mm mag wires 1130 on short ones 1400 on longest? i dont know if that is good for these wires or not. took the car for a drive and when it fell on its face it missed for about a half mile before the cylinder came back. that is whats got me thinking plug wires. i did check cam sencer adjustment and it is right on to my shop manual? thanks
Go here: http://members.boardhost.com/MaxEffort/

and post a question for Steve. He is great and will help you solve the problem. When I got my first ME-16 I had an old program but it ran dead on with 55's. I then upgraded to 83's and had a spat with it doing something similar sputtering. You may need a reprogram or some adjustment. This second one with 83's runs out clean like my 55's did. Are you hitting 5200 RPM? Steve may need to adjust you a little to get it functioning with what you have. If you have a DS file that you can send him it will help.
If it does not run well with the cam sensor unplugged..that sounds like a problem.

Now, if the chip you are using is not made for the style of maf you are running, that could be a problem.

There are three versions of chips depending upon the mafs..

oem maf with no screens

oem maf with no screens and no cone

TRanslator and lt1/lsi maf

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