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I have some more parts for sale on E-bay, User ID:1171943 or try this link & check out my "Other items for sale":

86/87 Turbo Buick /Grand National/GNX ECM Computer
86/87 Buick Grand National OEM Alternator Pulley
86/87 Grand National Turbo OEM Intercooler Clamps/Black
84-87 Grand National OEM Steering Wheel Ring/Grey
All parts below are for the 86-87 GN's:

Intake Manifold
Stock intercooler
intercooler air scoop
Stock injectors
Injector Harness
Stock air filter intake/Ducts
Stock Turbo Shield
Throttle Body
Intercooler Fan
Vacuum Block
82-87 Grand National OEM Grey Under Dash by Steering WheelTrim
82-87 Grand National OEM Spare Tire/Jack Holddown Hook
86-87 Grand National OEM Intercooler Hoses
86-87 Grand National OEM Intake Metal Water Line
86-87 Grand National Thr. Body/Fuel Pressure Air Lines
86-87 Grand National Aluminum Crankshaft Pulley/Face
Buick Grand National, TTA, GNX T-Type Fuel Rail Cap
86-87 Grand National K&N Air Filter For Stock Setup
86-87 Grand National OEM Lift Out Your Engine, Bracket
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