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255 g/s MAF ?

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I have an extremely slow car according to my ds and I have edited and checked the preferences menu to assure the constants are corect..i.e.: gearing tire height etc...
My O2's are on the money, but under 255 LV8, 4.8 TPS, I can only get about 180g/s in the middle of a gear and about 211g/s at the top of a gear. The car runs consistant 15.0's @90 MPH according to the Direct Scan.
1. Is it time for a new MAF?
2. Can anyone take a look at my Direct Scan file to see in detail what I may be missing (except the bmc computer source website which has not responded as of yet)
Jim usa
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you can send one to me if you like...but you should be pulling much more maf numbers unless your boost is very, very low.

Yep, stock turbo and 14-15psi will not peg the MAF at 255gps... usa
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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