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I wanted to make a final post regarding the Norwalk TSO race. First off I have to once more say thanks to our sponsors who made the race extremely interesting with their generous sponsorship money.

Anderson Performance
Cotton’s Performance
Hartline Performance
Innovative Plumbing
JCC Racing

An additional thanks to Bill and Roberta for putting together a great venue for us to race and allowing us to have a TSO race. Thanks for also allowing our race to be moved to Sunday when our scheduled Friday race was rained out. Thanks for keeping the track clean and prepped so all racers had a safe hooking track for the entire 1320!

Thanks to all the fans and racers that came out. A special thanks to Jeff Harrington, Steve Hughes and Ted Achatz for moving up a class from TSL to TSO so we had a full class, you guys are the best!

I know there was some controversy in the semi’s as well as the final. I wanted to take a minute to address and explain this. In the semi-final round the racers were all paired up in the font of the lanes and waiting for TSO to be called. When the call came down for TSO to race Ted A experienced an apparent computer malfunction that didn’t allow his car to fire. After trying to fire the car without success the starter put Ted on a 30 second clock to get the car fired otherwise he would be disqualified for failure to make the call to the line. After not being able to get the car started within the 30 seconds Ted was DQ’d. Ted was able to get the car to started shortly after he was DQ’d. The track official had already made the decision to DQ Ted based on the expiration of the 30-second clock so he was not allowed to enter the water-box and was backed out. This was very unfortunate and not the way anyone wanted the outcome to be. For next year’s event should this happen I’m going to ensure that it is made very clear to the racer when he is being put on the clock and how long he or she has to get the car started prior to disqualification. I believe not knowing this before Ted was DQ’d caused a lot of confusion and tension in the pits. We want to ensure this does not happen in the future.

In the finals there was a mix-up with lane choice. All other classes knew that when pulling pairs of racers, the first racer was put into the left lane while the second went into the right. Neither Ed Baker nor myself knew this, I’m sure I speak for Ed when I say we both wish we had as we could have easily avoided this situation by simply reversing the cars in the staging lanes. This ordering is done because the car numbers (and times for bracket racing) are put into the timing computer while in the staging lanes. This is because of the orientation of the staging lanes and the short turn into the water-box. Because of this Dave Fiscus was put into the left lane when he had wanted to be in the right lane. I’m sure this threw Dave off somewhat because of the confusion.

For next year we will try to better understand and define these rules and methods and communicate them to the racers. A big thanks to the effected racers for acting professionally and not allowing things to get out of hand because of the confusion. Both of you acted like the experienced racers that you are!

All in all I think we had a great race. When was the last time a TSO race had a full car count, no one broke their car and the top four qualifiers were in the semi-final round? The top four qualifier were only separated by 4-tenths and the entire field was within 8-tenths. This race was clearly anyone’s race and no one walked away with it and there was no politics or games. I hope this proves that Norwalk is a great place to have a TSO race where everyone can have fun and put on a great race. My hope is that next year we will have an even bigger field and more money up for grabs! Track owner Bill Bader personally said that the class was an exciting class with very fast cars and made for great heads-up spectating. He wants to see the class return in 2007. Bill, Roberta and I will start working early on the TSO race for 2007 so stay tuned!

Top qualifier Dave Fiscus took $100
Runner-up Dave Fiscus took $150
Winner Art Paltz took $853
An additional $50 was paid in contingency from Anderson Performance.

Thanks again to everyone!!
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