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I have 2 turbo crankshafts to sell.

One came out of my running motor that is .010/.010 and had good oil pressure. My reason for removing it was I had been blowing oil by the rings when under boost and I felt a short block freshening was due and decided to go to a steel crank to hold the power I wanted to make to hopefully reach the 9's some day. When I tore it apart, I found a wrist pin had slid out and scarred the heck out of a cylinder. Then I needed a new block. That gave me the second crankshaft.

The other crank came out of the spare block I picked up. It is a STD crank that had a rod bearing spin some. The damage is very minimal and may polish out, but I would go .010 and be done with it.

I figure to leave it to whomever buys them to take to their machine shop to have comfort in proper bearing use.

I am looking for $225 each

I will be taking them to Bowling Green if interested. I can post pics if interested. They are crankshafts...

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