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I bought this very high mileage 87 WE4 from the original owner who drove it every day until a couple of months ago when I got it. He drove it to my house over an hour. You won't find a "stocker" car... I haven't seen an original air cleaner housing since I took mine out in 1987! I started taking it apart and buying parts to restore it. The quarters and floors are rusty. I have a pair of quarters cut off of a rust-free GN that go along with it. The bucket seats were shot, but I bought a nice pair that also go along with the car. The only part missing for re-assembly is the header panel. Hood and fenders are great. Has aluminum bumper supports and nice wheels.

Just to be clear, the disassembly was mostly for the quarters... interior is out... 1/4 windows, bumpers. Mechanically the car is 100% together.

It needs to go as I don't have the time or money to put it together and my GN is sitting outside while this is in the garage.

I'm in Brewster NY which is about an hour north of NYC close to the CT border at route 84.

The car, extra bucket seats, extra quarter panels, new repro t-top seals... $3,500 for a quick and easy sale.


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