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Smokes once its hot (hard 5min drive). Would like to have it running smoke free. I would like to have a reliable car for another 50-100k without having to worry about stuff falling apart/breaking.

I just changed spark plugs and valve cover gasket. (pretty sure valve gasket was leaking a decent amount of oil. Engine is most likely still covered from oil from valve cover gasket leak.

Replace list
trans seal into driveshaft
Radiator (smokes a little, but its pretty dirty - dry coolant stains everywhere)

Looks like trans seal, head gasket?! possibly leaking oil??!!
Recommend smoke leak test?

I'm just curious if there are certain things to check on Buicks - not familiar with them.

Over 120k miles. 1987 Buick T-type turbo.
Runs great, transmission feels like it shifts fine.
Not sure if engine was rebuilt.

Looks like trans seal into driveshaft needs to DEFINITELY be replaced (leaking oil onto exhaust causing some of the smoke)

No nasty burnt smell coming from car while driving, so it seems like all leaking oil. Not a trans or rear burning up.

I hope at least a couple of these pics are useful lol. Any tips on better pics - if I have to start removing fenders and wheels thats okay.


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Time for a pressure wash, and general cleaning B4 U continue to look 4 leaks....
Look @:
Rear of intake leaking.
Rear main seal. Oil running out of flywheel cover.
PVC not the correct part, causing poor crankcase evac, hi crankcase pressure.
Check turbo for oil residue, loose shaft.
Ditch the inlet bell to ft of valve cover hose, add a filter in the cover. [If still there]
From the looks of those injs, they probably have 120K on them, too. Could be leaking.

Post up the Scanmaster readings..That will help w/ determining the condition/tune.
I'm betting the original intake hose has holes in it, causing screwed up airflow readings.

Read up on the "Spring cleaning" list.

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Wow that engine is factory original and unmolested :)
It will need a good degreasing or two from your picture I can see the trans dipstick bell housing bolt is loose and it looks like the bolt next to it is missing and the TV cable retainer is loose and slid down the cable, all easy fixes but none of those cause smoke. is it coming from under hood or tail pipe ?
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