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For Sale....I have a new position I just got hired for and cannot see myself working/spending too much more time on the car sooooooo Ill give it about two weeks here, and if it doesn't sell. Ill put it on EBAY but I would much rather have it go to a true Turbo Buick fan...

First off the bad/not so bad..
The car has a no start attributed to it....its something minor or small, if you want more details look for my name (artrenee10) in the tech section....minor fix.

Car has rust in the floorboards and the trunk, small specks of rust above the rear drivers side fender.

Needs a headliner (have one to go with)

Astroroof needs repair. Sounds like it might be off its hinges

Digital dash needs to be installed.

Now the great

TE 61 PTE turbo w/actuator (freshly rebuilt hasn't even been ran)
Rebuilt Transmission by Jimmy's down here in Illinois
3400 10inch Pat's lockup converter.
New transmission lines
Transmission Cooler
Braided oil lines both to and from turbo.
New Casper's positive and negative battery cables
Fbody Radiator
50lbs Injectors w/maybe 100 or so miles
Translator w/LT1 sensor
Turbotweak chip
CAS V4 Intercooler
Hooker Exhaust
ATR Springs in the rear
TRW's (not installed in the front)
New BFGoodrich tires
Walbro 340 Fuel pump w/hot wire kit.
New fuel pump sender

I also have a few parts (Red Regal T's Turbo luber system) A powerplate, the old stock radiator which was welded and a host of other miscellaneous junk available.

The paint is about 8 out of 10 because it has been garaged ever since I have owned it.
The interior is about 9 out of 10 because I haven't driven that much

Mechanically this car is solid.....has 79000 miles on it and while I was driving it, I never raced it....

Cosmetically a wet sand and buff will suffice for the next two years or so....

Price=12000 obo....I am negotiable but please no lowballers picture collectors I don't have the time or the patience. I can/will have pics if parties request.

Car is located on the southside of Chicago.

Steve Chambers
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