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1987 buick grand national project needs to be completed. 10k under the hood. new motor, steel crank, scat rods, je pistons comp cam, 1.6 roller rockers, ported/polished heads w/larger stainless steel valves.steel engine girdle w/scraper, turbonetics t66bb. stretched stock location intercooler. 3.5 gn1 stainless downpipe.walbro340 fuel pump and hotwire. once broke in and tuned, should go 10s easily. new tires. now for the bad- interior and body i would rate 6 to 7 out of 10. needs gauges installed and tuned before you even think about turning the boost up. is is set at 10-12 psi but is capable of twice that once its ready. no mufflers or cat. rear main seal leak. breaks need work, heat and air needs work. it runs and drives, but very loud and will get you a ticket on the street. i bought the car 3 years ago for $6500, have put in excess of $10k in parts, and have lost interest. hope to get half out of it. $8500 can see and hear it run but due to liability, i will not let it on the street until purchased. 918-902-2583 jeff. tulsa, ok
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