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I've got my 86 T with 47K miles on it and I'm looking to get into something different. I've put in about 20K just in parts alone. I'm not going to make a huge list since it will take a freaking page lol. Car was stripped to bare metal and re-painted by me. I've been a painter for the last 16 years. Everything that was taken off the car was replaced with new nuts and bolts. Forzfed (Nick) also has helped me sort out a few issues over the years and the car runs great.

If interested 20K and I work at Mcnaught dealership, black with a blue bench interior. Send me a pm and stop by the dealership to take a look (it's a personal sale, I'd just bring it to work).

Car has no rust and has never been in the rain. Paint job is about 3 years old and looks great. If any interest, I'll gladly send some pics.

I'd also be up for a trade of another car, I'm only selling because I just want another project. I've done what I can to this car and time to move on.
60's muscle cars, late 70's trans-ams, No asian anything, american muscle only lol
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