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My name is Phil Errett and I own a 1984 GN that was originally sold by a GM dealer in Pembroke Ontario Canada. I am the second owner so I have pretty much all of the info pertaining to the car. I am sure many other 1984 owners do as well.
I have bumped into half a dozen or so owners of 1984 GNs originally sold to dealerships in Canada and since there were only 100 I thought I would take a shot at setting up a registry.

I am wondering if anyone has kept copy of the original GN registry from years back so I could see what type of info had been captured back then.

As well, if you own one of the 100 1984 GNs originally sold into Canada, or know someone who owns one, please get in touch with me via pm.

If you have some specific ideas as to what info to include, feel free to reach out to me.



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