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1983 datsun 280zx
2 sets of wheels
15" turbo iron cross wheels AND 15" 5 spoke wheels
2 complete interiors black and blue
Series supercharged l67 3800/4l60e
Series L36 3800/4l60
1983 280zxT rad and modified electric fan
custom motor mounts allowing the series II in datsun chassis
custom driveshaft for 4l60 & Datsun R200LN diff
Nissan R200LN w/limited slip diff
custom shifter for the 4l60 in the datsun
modified fbody 3800 oil pan
aftermarket larger front sway bar
autometer liquid filled oil press, boost & temp gauges
Nissan 300zx seats & light weight mr2 seats
B & M trans and oil cooler
all turbo emblems and badges
turbo body kit & n/a body kit

looking to sell for $2500 or trade for 78-81 buick century coupe(especially turbo), turbo regal, 1990-96 nissan 300zx, jag xj12, bmw 6 series, 1980 Volvo 240 coupe
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