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Ive had my stock 87 GN for over 2 years now, I bought it with the 16"GNX reproduction style wheels on it and while it looks good I do not like the wheels. We are getting ready to do some bolt on upgrades including full disc brakes and want to put a larger wheel package on as well
I have done some looking around and do not want to go to 18's. I still get anxious over the backspacing discussions and am really looking for sound input. I will not lower the car, have bags in the rear and will use a Baer "modified stock spindle" set-up in the front. I have spoken to Jason at Budnik and have been told every set they have done has been the staggered set-up 17/18 x8 front and 17/18x9.5 rear with 4.5" back spacing front and 4.75" back spacing rear. The car is a cruiser and to play on the roads, not a track or strip...just over 15K miles on it. I did the front wheel well patch kit to accommodate a larger wheel and tire cuz the 16"s rub in the bumps when turning.

My questions:
Anyone running 17's and in the Budnik GNB, would love to see a pic as I can only find pics of 18's. What sizes and anyone running matched wheels so you can rotate?

Suggestions for the best look/performance on tires size in the 17's.

I appreciate the help!
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