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109 block

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I plan on going to the junkyard to find an 86 0r 87 N/A block.I know I can use the heads 8445,front cover.I know that I need a turbo crank and TRW pistons as well.Is it possible to use the connecting rods?Also,what other parts will I need or will not need? powersix
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You can use the rods. Are you building a replacement longblock for a turbo car and planning to use all of the accessories, intake, oil pan, etc. that are currently on the car? If so, you won't have to find much else. If you're trying to make a complete turbo motor with accessories from scratch, you'll need a bunch of turbo specific stuff like brackets, intake, sensors, yada yada.
You can use the block too, you just need to drill and tap the oil return line coming off the turbo. I would prefer running it into the pan, but that's just me.

But if you don't want the block, you can get the heads, the rods, and crank out of a 4.1 NA motor from 81-84. The best way to tell is to slide under the car and look for the 4.1 stamp on the side of the block. But take the pan and caps off the rods and main journals before you buy the motor or crank. Some motors were rebuilt without the holy grial crank and some are just trashed. As long as the rods say 763 on them, and have 2 dimples on the other side, they're good. Good luck.
The block is easy to find but the accessories as Kendall pointed out can be a pain to find and will cost more then the block. It may be easier to find someone parting out and buy the complete engine. In the end you will spend the same and a lot less hassle.
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