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1/4 mile times ?

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From other board, Peterkin ran
[email protected] in the 1/4, with a 2.12 short time.
7.99 in the 1/8.
I ran [email protected] 1.856 60'
[email protected] in the 1/8
So why the difference in the 1/8?
1) He left with more boost but I was running higher boost
2) He was running a higher timing chip
or 3)?
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Or you were way rich in first/second gear or? What does your scan tool log say?

what is the difference in combinations?

Did you guys run on the same day, same conditions?
Same track and timer?
what's your combo. i'm no tuner but maybe these guys can give you some insight if you give that info. how much more boost were you running than me. my car detonated a little which is why my mph was so low, the computer was pulling timing.

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Scale car weight with driver makes a big difference also. I've seen 500lbs difference between cars and drivers in stock trim.

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hmmm, Ed? that picture of ES made the NY circuit too, huh?

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