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I have this constant 1-2 slip @ WOT.

All other gears shift fine @ WOT and the 1-2 shifts fine when I feather it or use really light throttle.

However if I stomp on it from a dig, or from a 1-2 roll, the tranny acts as though its in neutral, the engine RPM's redline, it refuses to shift into second, and the knock gauge pegs into the red. If I don't lift off the pedal it just keeps redlining.

So far I've:
  1. Dropped Pan; Checked the fluid: color looks good; no debris.
  2. I've run through almost every adjustment notch for the TV cable and it hasn't helped any.
  3. I've also disconnected the TV cable, pulled it in and out a million times hoping it might be a sticky valve, nada.

If any of you more experienced guys :sw: could point me in the right direction I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL! :D . Thank you.
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