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.0015 oil pump end clearance

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Checked last night. Thinnest gasket gets me .0015 - next size gasket gets me a little less than .003 at its widest point with the plastigage. Is the .0015 to tight?

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If you can turn the gears with a screw driver, you'll be good to go. If they seem to drag a little, that's OK. I've put them together that way many times. I think they're supposed to be set at .002, but If they turn, your .0015 will be good. If the gears don't turn with a screw driver......NO, TOO TIGHT.

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Thanks for the info John,

It is tight, but can turn with a screwdriver without any binding. I'll go with the thin gasket.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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