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  1. Parts For Sale
    Would like to buy a rebuilt or good condition GN engine, something generally stock, to put in my car while I try to revive my staged engine.
  2. Parts For Sale
    I had A machine shop look at it last year or the year before (i don't remember) they did a quick line hone just to see the condition of the cylinder walls and they determined that it needed to go 30 over to clean up. I am suppose to put a price as per the rules so $300.00 For the 3 pieces BUT...
  3. Buick V6 Turbo Tech
    ok so heres the deal, i just got an 87 grand national. i have always loved these cars and couldnt pass down the deal i got on mine but it needs a little work, problem is i have worked on carbourated engines never anything with a computer or sensors. the car is pretty much all stock except for...
1-3 of 3 Results